Advocacy for Parents/Carers

Support in meetings, at assessments, and in negotiating with schools/education authorities.
CLC Consultancy helps parents to prepare for meetings and will attend with them if requested. All advice provided adheres to both the letter and the spirit of curent legislation, including The Education (Scotland) Act (2009) & The Equality Act (2010), and with guidance issued by Education Scotland and the Code of Practice (Revised). Support is also provided where parents choose to make a placing request and this can include visits to prospective schools, and strategies for making placing request, appealing refusals, and appeals through the Additional Support Needs Tribunals Service (ASNTS).  Expert advice can be provided in the following cases;

  • Placing requests for mainstream or independent special schools
  • Requesting an assessment for your child
  • Requesting a Coordinated Support Plan
  • Formulating a Child's Plan or IEP
  • Disputes involving support at school or possible disability discrimination
  • Requesting a referral to CAMHS