Consultancy & External Review

Fair, sensitive, and comprehensive analysis.
CLC Consultancy has over the last 3 years been commissioned to undertake a number of reviews across a broad range of interests and services. These have included;

  • A comprehensive review of GP training in learning dificulties and intellectual impairment (for Mindroom on behalf of the Royal College of GPs)
  • A management and leadership review of a sector-leading special school
  • The development of a planning strategy for a new special school for children with autism in the United Arab Emirates
  • An analysis of the market potential of a special school for children and young people with autism
  • Analysis of complex ASN data for a leading charity
  • The development of a business plan for a leading ADHD charity
  • We have also been involved since (2010) at national level in the development and implementation of the Scottish Strategy for Autism and in the formation of a new national organisation (The Scottish ADHD Coalition). Work with the UK ADHD Partnership has involved parliamentary lobbying for the inclusion of ADHD in the Children and families Act, and with international consensus statements on Comorbid ADHD and Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (2015), ADHD and Mental Health in Prisons (2016), and Comorbid ADHD and Autism (2017).